Osnabrück, Germany is the home of Tanja Paulus, a truly gifted Jewelry Designer who also has written the book which is featured on the first page of Beadles, "Faszination Draht 1".  

I really feel priviledged to be included in Tanja's book and so excited to have a further showcase for my moon focals.  Two of the pieces shown below (Retro Pink in silver and Thalassa) will be featured in Tanja's sequel book, "Faszination Draht 2", which due out in the Spring of 2009.   The other focals will be featured in Tanja's 3rd book which is scheduled to be released in Autumn of this year.

Thank you so much in advance, Tanja, for believing in my glasswork and designs!

To see more of Tanja's talent, designs, and read a bit more about her, you can visit her website:  http://www.tanjapaulus.de     It is in German, but it doesn't prevent you from enjoying the surf through her creations!


December 18, 2008

Yet another new creation from Tanja.  It is a necklace featuring one of my "aura" moon focals.  In this necklace, Tanja created a handmade barrel chain, aquamarine, amethyst, and citrine briolettes and rondelles.  The gemstones really captured the colors in the auras and the offset accents are truly "out of this world".  Beautiful piece, Tanja.  Thanks so much for sending pictures to share.

November 23, 2008

I want to share with you a new creation of Tanja's which is MINE ALL MINE!

Tanja used another of my Retro Pink 7/8" button beads in this gorgeous copper wire wrapped necklace! She has framed the focal with a ring of wrapped copper and used some lovely curls and bends to accent the bottom where briolettes of pink chalcedony were hung with fine spiraling at the top of each. The chain is a simple handmade chain with flower chainmaille accents. The clasp is delicately formed copper spirals. The best news of all besides it being MINE....it will be a featured tutorial in Tanja's upcoming "Faszination Draht 3" book which will be published in the Autumn of 2009!

Many thanks Tanja for the feature and for the lovely necklace!


Here are some recent creations using Beadles' focals.

"Ancient Hearts" will be suspended from silk ribbons, and it features some beautiful wire coiling and gemstone "bling".  Tanja used antiqued sterling silver, handmade heart-links, labradorite rondelles, faceted citrine rondelles, and faceted smokey quartz rondelles.  She finished the necklace with a beautiful silk ribbon.


In the second featured necklace, Tanja combined sterling silver wire elements, non handmade silver chain, faceted aquamarine, citrine, amethyst and labradorite gemstones.  I think the elements of this necklace really speak to the alien theme and think it would look great on a Vulcan princess!


In her "Eternal Love" necklace, Tanja used similar coiled heart components combined with chainmaille and landscape jasper to complete the piece.  The gemstone bling includes labradorite rondelles, faceted citrine rondelles, and faceted smokey quartz rondelles.  Great natural coloring in this necklace - very organic!


Using the Retro Pink button focal, Tanja incorporated antiqued sterling silver, handmade chain (called wiggle chain), bone rondelles, faceted amethyst, purple fluorite, faceted rose quartz, one central big onyx rondelle and faceted onyx briolettes to complete the necklace.  I think the scrolling and the pink flair in this piece is very feminine!


Wow - love this combination.  She has used another one of my moon focals as the focus point and wrapped it with coiled sterling silver wire, making a rimming frame.  She has used 2 additional glass lentils, faceted onyx briolettes, handmade antiqued sterling silver elements and handmade chain (called barrel chain or double vision) to complete the piece.  I really love this look as it is very futuristic and reflects the "out of this world" characteristic of the focal.  As Captain Jean-Luc Picard would say..."Engage" and it is "engag"ing!


The "Thalassa" moon focal is the centerpiece in this beautiful necklace created by Tanja.  It was created using sterling silver wire and rings, coil wrapping, and handmade chain.  The accent stones are landscape jasper and blue goldstone.  

The landscape jasper and blue goldstone truly compliment the colors and reactions in the moon focal.  The addition of the star charms really ties the whole piece and especially the theme together in an "out of this world" creation.

Really beautiful, Tanja!