Test Results

Frit:  Pretty in Pink   

Base:  Effetre Light Pink


Here I have used a discontinued blend called "Pansy Petals" on a base of white and then pulled the Pretty in Pink frit around but allowing the base to show through here and there. You could also use a light purple enamel instead. Very strong shades of pink which pop on a light background.

Frit:  Safari   

Base:  Effetre White


Swirls of various shades of brown on a white background. Safari is a beautiful blend of various shades of brown.  Easy to use.

Frit:  Glimmer Canyon   

Base:  Vetrofond Mauvelous


Glimmer Canyon has lovely tones of blue, amethyst, indigo, and a splash of aventurine.  Here I used a base background of light mauve.  The blues and amethyst dominate the palatte and showcase such great cool colors.  Melt slowly to retain the aventurine sparkle.

Frit:  Mint Julip   

Base:  Effetre Black


Green on black with beige and ivory accents are the main colors in "Midnight Meadow". I like the contrast with it on a black background - very classy look. I teamed it up with a bit of silver wire and encased them with clear to magnify the colors and give them depth.  Very organic set which functions well in a classy chic look.  I did melt it in slowly as suggested by Glass Diversions and it was great!

Frit:  Moon Goddess   

Base:  Effetre White


Green, purple, and shades of yellow make up this super new frit blend.  Here I placed it on Effetre white, but then encased with a pale transparent green.  It mutes the white somewhat but pops the colors.  Nice Spring blend and fuss free.

Frit:  Firecracker   

Base:  Effetre White


Many luscious colors in Firecracker.  Here I applied dots of the frit on Effetre white and it is very organic.  The blooms look very real with tones of pink, yellow, blue, maroon.  Worked very well and I think it looks best on a lighter background so the colors are more vivid.


In the ribbed rounds, the base is also white.  Intense black was used for the contrast.  The transparent grains of glass in this combo bloom and create lighter edges on the white.  Nice effect!

Frit:  Arabian Nights   

Base:  Vetrofond Biscotti


The pinks, maroons, and greens in this frit combination are strong.  The Biscotti background allows the true colors to come through.  Encasing gives the beads depth and makes them appear very jewel-like.  Love this color combination and there was no negative issues at all.  Easy peasy.

Frit:  Butterfly Kisses   

Base:  Effetre Lavender HM


Effetre lavender really blends well with this frit blend.  It gives a monochrome backdrop for the darker colors to play on.  No fuss frit and a great combination with the green addition.  Thought at once that this mixture looked like lilac blooms.  Very springy mixture.

Frit:  Sugar Plum Fairy   

Base:  Effetre White & Effetre Clear/frit stringer


Using clear to pull this frit into stringers really made the sparkle pop.  This is a super blend for Christmas with beautiful shades of red and green.  Picture doesn't do the sparkle justice.  Nice combo.

Frit:  Mint Julip   

Base:  CIM Lipstick & Effectre Clear


Such a lovely organic green blend with tones of beige thrown in.  Love it on this CIM Lipstick glass.  I swirled it on and used Effetre Clear to add depth.  No problems with this blend.  Nice!

Frit:  Persian Paisley   

Base:  Effetre White


I used Effetre white as the background pallette for this blend.  It swirled and melted in for very dreamy effects.  Love the splash of periwinkle in it.  Very feminine blend.

Frit:  Arabian Nights   

Base:  CIM Desert Pink


I melted this one in slowly so I didn't burn out any of the vibrant pinks.  This frit combo really sparkles.  Looks great on a pink background.

Frit:  Poseidon

Glass used on examples:


(Oceana) CIM Glacier and Effetre Clear

(Lentils) Effetre Green Tea and Clear


When swirled, Poseidon, definitely lives up to its name.  It creates beautiful tones of blue, green, and purple.  The Glacier used in Oceana enhances those colors by giving it a soft background on which to play.  


The Green Tea in the lentils below, is also a soft background, but it brings out the greens more I think.  


Both examples scream ocean-themed jewelry creations.  I think the colors that developed in the lentils exhibit colors seen in ocean reefs.  


No problems with this blend.  I didn't try it on ivory, but since there is silver wire on the lentils, I didn't notice any reaction between it and the frit.


Frit:  Carousel   

Went a little nuts testing this blend...here are quite a few examples.

Base used on examples:


(Top Left Lentils) Vetrofond Banana Cream

(Dark Lentils) Effetre Silvered Black

(Left - Round Tab and Round) Base on one is encased ivory and clear and the other is Vetrofond Banana Cream and clear

(Round Pair) Base is silvered Effetre ivory and encased in part with clear

(Round Pair) Base of one is black and the other white - both effetre, and clear used on both

(Ribbed Rounds) Base is Vetrofond Banana Cream

I had fun testing this blend as it is so versatile and goes with so many glass colors.  The Banana Cream is shown as the yellow in these samples, but I think any soft yellow would yield similar results.  It gives the blend a soft background I think.

The silvered black makes this look like cloisonne I think.  Make an elegant set and outlines the various tones in the combo.

The blend has some lovely tones - really love the pink on the yellow background especially when mixed with tones of blue and green.  It can be bold as in the ribbed rounds shown below, or soft as in the dotted rounds directly above the ribbed beads.  There, the blend appears as water colors and is very lovely.

Frit:  Kiwi Squeeze   

Base:   Effetre White

I named this bead as a companion to the round set listed below, but later realized that the blend didn't have the flesh tone component in it that Lily Pad does.  In any event, this blend of blues and greens serves as a perfect backdrop for whatever design you are creating.  Here I used clear glass to magnify the frit which is trapped between a couple of layers.  Very fresh and fun!

Frit:  Bollywood   

Base:   Effetre White

Bollywood has wonderful colors of inky blue, orange, pink, and vivid green.  It is an opaque/transparent blend so the tones are vibrant and jewel-like.  I think it is a great color for floral backgrounds as you have many colors to match for the flowers.

Frit:  Lily Pad   

Base:   Effetre White

Lily Pad is a super blend for your summer themed beads.  It is fresh, vibrant, and so easy to use!  It goes wonderfully with silver wire which makes them so elegant.

Frit:  Fairy Ring   

Base:   Effetre Red Copper Green, Effetre Clear

I wanted to see if the reactive red copper green did anything magical with the colors in Fairy Ring and I wasn't disappointed.  The blend bloomed and when swirled and dropped, it made interesting patterns in the background.  Love these and love this blend!

Frit:  Himalayan Rose   

Base:   Effetre Clear, CIM Poi, Effetre White

Himalayan Rose on a base of Effetre Clear gives a nice base to work with other colors and techniques using tones of purple, pink, and gold.  The silver wire turns the clear a bit golden which accentuates the whole design.  Nice feminine soft frit blend.

Frit:  Lilac Mist   

Base:   Effetre Sage Green,   Effetre Medium Purple Transparent

I love the reaction of the Lilac Mist blend on Effetre Sage Green.  The colors became organic and looked like printed fabric.  The transparent purple was just the right accent to bring out all of the colors in Lilac Mist.

Frit:  Dynasty Marble   

Base:   Effetre White, Grey, Clear

Nothing like tones of black, white, and grey to say "classic and chic" at the same time.  Some of the bases of these were white, others were light grey, and some were transparent.  With just a little silver foil or silver wire, the mood changes from just monochromatic to WOW.  Fuss free blend.

Frit:  Turtle Dove   

Base:   Effetre Sky Blue, Antique Aqua Transparent

The colors in Turtle Dove are very soft.  I thought in this ocean-themed set, it really complimented the blue in that it had colors of the sand and coral and water.  Very nice blend and problem free.

Frit: Tapestry

Base:   Vetrofond Belgian Lace

The Belgian Lace glass gives just a subtle off white background to showcase the colors in this great blend.  Love this frit and while it is not a new blend, it is definitely worth revisiting.

Frit:  Secluded Glade  

Base:   Vetrofond Pineapple Sparkle

The wonderful shimmer of Pineapple Sparkle is "popped" by the colors in Secluded Glade.  No problems with this multi-color blend...nice mix.  Unfortunately, they stopped production of Pineapple Sparkle and I know I am not the only lampworker who is sad about that.

Frit:  Glorious

Base:   Effetre Lavender Transparent

  Silver Foil

The colors are really enhanced by the silver foil.  No fuss, no muss!

Frit:  Botanical Bliss

Base:   Effetre Fossil & Effetre Clear

The fossil glass really makes this blend bloom.  Nice metallic effect.

Frit:  Sand Dune

Base:   Effetre Opal Yellow

Nice color blend on Opal Yellow - very organic and rich looking.  Super colors.

Frit:  Sealife

Base:   Effetre Green Tea, CIM Grape Ape

Easy to work with, nice color development, no devitrification.  Soft color blend.

Frit:  Winsome Rose

Base:   Effetre Anise White (top)

  Effetre Green Tea (bottom)

Love these colors of pink and green - very girly and they swirl great together.  They scream for rose quartz and silver.

Frit:  Peaceful Pond

Base:   CIM Poi

Peaceful Pond has lovely tones of green, pink, purple, and brown. Didn't devitrify and was easy to use.

Frit:  Imperial Elegance

Base:   CIM Stone Ground

This frit combo swirls in ribbons on Stone Ground.  I love the combination.  This teamed with Stone Ground is very organic. 

Frit:  Sedona Surprise

Base:   CIM Desert Pink

This frit combo streaked really well over this CIM color.  I think it is a very feminine blend and was easy to use.

Frit:  Phoenix

Base:  Effetre White & Intense Black

These shades of red and orange together really "pop" when struck in the flame.  Great autumnal color and no problems developing the color.

Frit:  7th Heaven

Base:  CIM Ginger

These colors blend so nicely together.  I live the fact that you can see distinct shades in these rounds.  These were fun to make and no problems at all with the blend!

Frit:  Saffron

Base:  Effetre Apricot & Clear

These shades of yellow and orange are beautiful together.  Very good blend for the Fall.  Candy corn colors for sure! Nice frit.

Frit:  Victorian Lace

Base:  Vetrofond Mauvelous

Shades of pink, beige, sky blue give this frit blend a wonderful palette to work with.  This frit really "bloomed" on Vetrofond Mauvelous.  Nice color development.

Frit:  Utopia

Base:  Effetre Mud Slide

I love organic frit blends and especially those with shades of gorgeous greens.  This frit has that and more...tones of brown and a bit of glitzy gold as well.  Organic AND elegant.

Frit:  Cotton Candy

Base:  Effetre Violet

This frit bloomed nicely on the Effetre Violet.  Great shades of blue and purple.

Frit:  Indian Ocean

Base:  Effetre Dark Blue Transparent & Silver

This frit combo is a must have if you are designing beads for an ocean or maritime theme.  The shades of sea green and blue and so lovely.  Team it up with silver and you get added class.  Fantastic frit blend.

Frit:  Majestic

Base:  Effetre White, Light Topaz Trans., & Dark Blue Trans.

I was so pleased with the way this frit pulled.  It made dreamy blue striations on the white background and looks like clouds.  The added burnt orange adds drama.  Super frit!

Frit:  Enchanted Forest

Base:  Vetrofond Pale Pesto and Biscotti

I used two different backgrounds in this set.  The frit played nicely and gave super dimension on both colors.  Pretty blend.

Frit:  Pacific Harbor

Base:  Effetre White, Clear, & Silver

Lovely shades of purple and blue in this frit.  No fuss, no mess.

Frit:  Blue Danube

Base:  Various Effetre Blue Transparents

Shades of blue and purple give just an added "hit" of depth to these transparent glasses.  Nice combo!






Frit:  Blue Danube

Base:  Effetre Pale Blue Transparent

This frit looks great etched and softens the effect on this pale blue transparent.  Just that right amount of blue "splash".

Frit:  Chili Pepper

Base:  CIM Peace

If you love pink, this frit combo should be a staple in your inventory. Beautiful shades of pink and a splalsh of green compliment each other. No problems with pitting.  Great frit!






Frit:  Chili Pepper

Base:  Effetre Pale Pink Transparent

This frit on this transparent is magic.  Etching really softens it and makes it so delicate and feminine.  Love it!

Frit:  Grasshopper

Base:  CIM Stone Ground

Beautiful tones of tan and green grace this frit combo.  Very organic and go so well with this base color.  No problems, easy schmeasy!






Frit:  Grasshopper

Base:  Effetre Pale Apple Green Transparent

I really love this frit on this transparent!  Great mono-tones and so gorgeous when etched.

Frit:  Kismet

Base:  Effetre Green Tea

These colors are dramatic and fun at the same time.  Aqua, amethyst, rose, and greens.  Worked well with the Green Tea.






Frit:  Kismet

Base:  Effetre Pale Antique Aqua Transparent

Great blend and beautiful when teamed up with this etched transparent.

   Frit:  Thunderstorm

Base:  Vetrofond Mauvelous

Lots of wonderful colors in Thunderstorm.  Aqua, plum, green, and purple.  Had no problems with this and is basically fuss free.





Frit:  Thunderstorm

Base:  Effetre Pale Purple Transparent

The mix of purple tones and green are so great.  I do love this color combination when placed on this etched purple transparent.


Frit:  Cinnamon Spice

Base:  CIM Stone Ground

Love this shade of beige/brown.  Cinnamon Spice creates really cool pools of color on top.  Nice and another fuss free.

Frit:  Twist of Lime

Base:  CIM Fremen

What a great contrast of color.  The gorgeous blue background with a splash of lime green.  WOW!  Love this green.

Frit:  Pink Ribbon

Base:  Effetre Antique Aqua Transparent

Very soft and romantic combination with this light pink frit and shades of blue/aqua.

Frit:  Rose Bouquet

Base:  CIM Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz provides a beautiful light contrast to the rich colors in Rose Bouquet.  Fuss free!

Frit:  Autumn Leaves

Base:  Effetre Sage Green

Sage Green makes this frit develop wonderful outlines.  Nice effect.

Frit:  Cherry Blossum

Base:  Moretti White

When I took these out of the kiln, I thought they looked like chocolate covered cherries!  Rich pinks and browns and it is worked effortlessly!  Love this combo.


Frit:  Kaleidoscope

Base:  Moretti Green Tea

This is another fuss free blend.  It mixed great with this Moretti glass.  The colors are soft and "play nice".


Frit:  Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue

Base:  Silvered Vetrofond Clear

I played with this frit quite a bit and found I liked it "silvered" the best.  It brings out the rich colors and makes a very classy display.  I worked it a bit cooler..


Frit:  Paradise Found

Base:  Moretti White w/clear

Paradise Found is a great summery blend.  The green tones and the teal/blue tones are so fresh and cool looking.  No problems with this frit at all.


Frit:  Sweet Pea

Base:  CIM Heffalump

I just purchased a bulk of CIM colors and really love Heffalump.  I was thrilled with the look when I applied Sweet Pea.  The colors are rich and easy to use.  Love it!


Frit:  Sprinkles

Base:  CIM Desert Pink

This combination with CIM's Desert Pink is a match made in heaven!  I love the soft look to these.  Another no-muss frit blend.  Beautiful!


Frit:  Potpourri Petals

Base:  Vetrofond Clear

The tones of pink and blue really make this a lush color when pulled and swirled.  Great color combination.  Fuss free!

Frit:  Wild Mulberry

Base:  Moretti Dark Lavender Transparent

Robin is spot-on with this being a "no fuss" frit.  Beautiful tones of purple, pink, blues, gold, and green.  Gorgeous combo.

Frit:  Mystic River

Base:  Moretti Antique Aqua Transparent

This combination is dreamy and looks like ocean waves when combined with aqua.  It has tones of blue, grey and teal and is easy schmeasy to work with!  This blend would work well with ocean themed sets or focals.

Frit:  Twilight

Base:  Moretti Green Tea and Clear

Twilight has tones of mint green, black, and fushia. Nice blend. I see a bit of devitrification where the clear meets, but it isn't strong and I think looks fine.

Frit:  Denim

Base:  Moretti Pale Blue

Denim mixed with the pale blue transparent created a very rich blue blend. The frit has tones of brown, but in this application it wasn't evident. I got just a bit of devitrification, but should have worked it cooler.  It looks great!

Frit:  Praline

Base:  Silvered Vetrofond Clear

Praline works up so beautifully with silver!  This effect is very elegant.  A fantastic organic frit!

Frit:  Northern Lights

Base:  Moretti Neodymium Pink

Northern Lights on top of Neodymium Pink creates a totally different look.  The gold in the frit turns a beautiful tangerine color.  Nice effect.  Problem free frit.

Frit:  Savannah

Base:  Vetrofond Banana Cream

Savannah is a wonderful organic frit and looks great on top of this Banana Cream glass.  It is trouble free. I have used it also on transparent greens and it looks great!

Frit:  Pansy Petals, and Clear Frit

Base:  Moretti Dark Rose Pink

The clear frit makes the stippled effect here.  The Pansy Petals is a finer grain and the clear frit really pops the purple.

Frit:  Jamaican Splash

Base:  Moretti Pale Pink

As Robin states on her home page, this frit is really easy and trouble free.  Beautiful tropical colors!




Frit:  Apricot Nectar

Base:  Various (see pictures)

I recently made up some samples using different combinations of Moretti base opaque colors and Apricot Nectar either directly melted in, trailed, or gravity swirled.  These are pictures of the different color and technique combinations with Moretti transparents.
















Frit:  Apricot Nectar

Base:  Moretti Pale Lavender

If you like pink and peach - this is the frit you should have in your inventory!  It reacted with the lavender to stay bright and vibrant.   Very feminine, I think.

Frit:  Amazon

Base:  Vetrofond Transparent  w/Silver foil

The silver caused the transparent to change color and it blended so well with the frit application.  Strong greens come through.

Frit:  Garden View

Base:  Kugler ASK 104 Moroccan Swirl

The blues in this frit are really pretty.  Nice combo.

Frit:  Mesmerize

Base:  Lauscha Blue Moon, frit raked

Mesmerize, I think, is like a chameleon.  It seems to change with the background you select.  For example, here in Swept Away it appears soft and dreamy, while in Briar Patch it takes on a more dramatic palette.  One of my favorites.

Frit:  Peruvian Violet

Base:  Moretti White

What can I say negative about this blend?  NOTHING!  I absolutely love love love this frit combo.  It has such soft purple and pink colors and looks fantastic with silver as in the Gilded Violets.

Frit:  Exotic

Base:  Kugler ASK104 Moroccan Swirl

I love the great earthy tones of this frit combo and the Kugler base let them be showcased.

Frit:  Peacock

Base:  Moretti White and when complete, etched.  

Frit:  Spring Violet

Base:  Moretti White.  Here is an example where the frit speaks for itself - no extra manipulation, it's this gorgeous!

Frit:  Coffee Bean

Base:  Moretti Light Ivory, w/silver, Moretti Light Brown Transparent as accent.  These were such a surprise to me when I opened the kiln.  The frit with the silver foil turned into almost an animal print while the frit beneath the transparent (which was not silvered), remained true and shows multi tones of brown beneath.  This frit should be in anyone's inventory who loves to make organics.

Frit:  Fall Harvest

The base of all of these beads is Moretti White.  I then swirled Fall Harvest along the centers and melted it in flat.  This frit has vibrant colors that really come alive.  They have almost a jewel-like quality.  No fuss, no muss!  I love this frit and must play more with it!


Frit:  Japanese Maple

Base:  Moretti Light Ivory, white

Japanese Maple is a lovely frit which has such subtle tones.

Frit:  Fiesta

Base:  Moretti White

What a fun summery frit this is - I just wanted to let the colors swirl around like a party pinata.  Pretty frit.

Frit:  Lemon Grass

Base:  Vetrofond White base and Moretti pale yellow transparent accent.

This frit is so feminine, soft, and beautiful.  I liked it so much that I used too much and some of the beads cracked, but that was my fault because I didn't follow the 10% rule.  Making more of these but in a different form soon.

Frit:  Mint Majesty

Base:  Moretti Pale Aqua and Vetrofond White

I think this blend on the pale aqua looks very tropical and summery. Easy schmeesy frit - love it!

Frit:  Emerald Isle

Base:  Moretti Pale Lavender

This lovely green/blue/lilac frit has a real "cool" feel to it on top of a lavender transparent.  Nice summer colors.

Frit:  Daisy Blooms

Base:  Moretti White

This is a lovely frit and screams "summer".

Frit:  Tapestry

Base:  Silvered Moretti White

This frit on top of a silvered background is very "jewel-like".  A great organic blend!

Frit:  Serenity Garden  

Base:  Moretti White, Intense Black

I love how this reacted - very colorful and like stained glass panels!